Sports Connection
Located off Hwy 69 South
behind Tate & Co.
6755 Patillo Rd.
Beaumont, TX  77705
(409) 729-4000
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Welcome to Sports Connection

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   6755 Patillo Rd.

            Owners have decided to retire the business, Sports Connection. 
Auction has been set to sell all contents on Saturday, March 7.
Some items to be sold include go karts, bumper boats, arcade games, pizza oven, and prep station, ice machine, commercial freezer and refrigerator, tables and chairs,office furniture and much more.  Everything must go! 
For more details check the website of auctioneer



 Located off
 Hwy 69 South
 behind Tate & Co.                                                    

   BETWEEN     BEAUMONT & NEDERLAND                                                      


Our bumper boats are equipped with water canons. And for those wanting to get really wet, there's a waterfall that will do the trick.  Driver must be at least 44 inches tall. Two people can ride in one of our bumper boats at no extra charge, there's just a 450-pound weight limit. Passenger must be at least 40 inches tall and have an adult driver (at least 18 years old)  Our bumper boats are cool and refreshing, a perfect way to beat the heat.   Boat ride is approximately 5 minutes.  Cost is $5.75 per boat.

Tokens for our batting cages are $1.00 each for 12 pitches. We have 5 stalls with various baseball speeds, between 35-80 mph. We also offer softball in 4 of our cages. We have a slow pitch softball that pitches with the big arc like thrown in co-ed softball games. We provide bats & helmets or you can bring your own bat & helmet if you like.

Take one of our go karts for a 5 minute ride.  Drivers must be at least 56 inches tall. For those not tall enough, we have double-seaters where an adult (at least 18 years old) can drive the little ones (passenger must be at least 40 inches tall), but at no extra charge.  We also have junior go-karts.  Drivers for these go karts must be at  least 48 inches tall.  Try them out and see which is your favorite.  Cost is $5.75 per kart. 

Come play the Golden Triangles Best 18-hole mini golf course. The course is equipped with 2 ponds for water hazards, it's okay our golf balls float. Several holes have actual sand traps, not that fake white carpet like some mini golf courses.  This course is also landscaped with tropical plants and some trees for shade. Need to relax after 9 holes? You're welcomed to sit and relax in our tiki hut with benches located on the golf course.  The cost to play is $5.75 per person.

Phazer Zone!
Paintless paintball

Looking for a new high-tech, adrenaline-rushing extreme sport? 
PHAZER ZONE paintless paintball, the "game of the future" is here!
Enter the dark combat zone and experience  PHAZER ZONE, the virtual paintball game.
It's like laser tag...but the game has more reality and excitement! 
Just like paintball...but without the mess!
Whether you are a laser tag or paintball player, Phazer Zone is the game for you. 

The phazer balls are soft, glo-in-the-dark .68 caliber balls used in paintball guns.  Similar to laser tag, the game is played in a black-lit environment with fluorescent-colored barriers.  However, unlike laser tag shooting laser beams, you will know it when you get hit by a phazer ball!  A real time scoreboard display also instantaneously senses a player hit and keeps team scores, game time counter and emits specialized battle sound effects during a game.  The game is played by 2 opposing teams, Droids & Aliens, each player is outfitted with full face guard and a high-tech, impact vest with built-in sensors designed to sense hits from phazer balls.  As many as 10 people can play in an 6 minute game. 

Players must be at least 9 years old. $5.75  per person.
We do offer another version for those  between 4 & 8 years old, "Phazer Ball".  Players still get the head gear and sensor vest, just not the guns.  They will throw tennis balls that glo in the dark. This version is also $5.75 per person.

For indoor fun try our arcade games.  And check out our indoor party rooms.
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